Greetings, and welcome to the world of Holistic Integrative Therapy!

Many of us find ourselves struggling with self-worth, victimhood, and denial. Unaware of the unfinished business of the past, we chain ourselves to it, believing ourselves powerless to act. If we do this often enough, it becomes a practice. Often, this kind of training results in unsatisfying lives of blame, misunderstanding, and unhelpful thinking.

The truth, however, is that we are more powerful than we think we are. We can begin to train new ways of being. We can learn to recognize the old practice, and replace it with a new path that works better for us. This translates directly to fulfillment and a sense of purpose, confidence and self-respect.

I offer individual and couples’ counseling, bringing a wealth of training and life experience to this work. Through over two decades of experience in marriage, I have gained valuable insights into what makes relationships work, and how to recognize and address unskillful behaviors that can lead to struggle and upset.

Based in Durango, Colorado, I practice this innovative approach, crafted from many theories and my own experience. Holistic Integrative Therapy is built upon the supposition that if the mind, body, and spirit can be strong separately, how powerful could they be together? What kind of lives could we create for ourselves?