Aikido is the Japanese martial art of peaceful reconciliation, where neither the attacker nor the defender gets hurt. Created by Moreihei Ueshiba, or OSensei, the art uses circular movements and the extension of inner power, or ki, to redirect and blend with the attacker’s energy. Once blended, the attacker becomes easy to influence, and can be guided to a non-injurious, harmonious conclusion.

Just as the techniques in aikido can be used in response to physical attack, so the philosophies and principles can be brought to bear in dealing with any type of conflict: verbal, emotional, or mental. The principles of irimi, entering, and tenkan, turning, have enormous power when used with awareness and skill in any confrontation, regardless of the content.

In addition, aikido gives its practitioners supple bodies, clearer minds, and the confidence that comes from committed, disciplined training. Training with the highest martial ethics gives us the key to connection, ways to tap in to the infinite power of the universe, and the practice of responding appropriately to whatever situation life might present.

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