Many of us, even those engaged on a path of conscious growth, need guidance occasionally. It could be a time of crisis, or transition. Relationship issues can arise, or perhaps the ambivalent tug of two powerful opposing forces. Whatever the issue, Holistic Integrative Counseling can help.

Our culture places huge emphasis on thinking, and the mind. We believe that if we could just “figure it out,” we could get a handle on our problems, addictions, and issues. This is only part of the answer, however. True wellness comes from a balance of mind, body, and spirit. A healthy person gives equal weight to all three of these essential aspects, which can result in greater “response-ability,” or the ability to respond appropriately to whatever life might bring.

The Problem with Thinking

People who smoke know they should quit, those who over- eat know they should cut back, and people who have a hard time paying the bills at the end of the month realize they should budget their money more wisely, but they don’t.

Many of us have made unconscious commitments to limitation, poor communication, or a lack of responsibility. By focusing on the subtle messages of the body, and the wisdom of the spirit, we can learn to integrate the physical and the spiritual with the intellectual, and bring all three aspects to bear on these unconscious choices, lift them into the light, and replace them with choices that work better.

Come explore how Holistic Integrative Counseling can change your life!