We are available to organize and conduct workshops and seminars from one to two hour, to full four-day weekend seminars.

Michael regularly leads a circle for men who have anger issues. In a safe group setting, men have an opportunity to examine the role anger has played in their lives, and its causes and effects. They learn what lies beneath much of their anger, unwrapping understanding and choice in dealing with the complex and often unsettling world of emotions.

Jill leads an assertiveness group for women. In it, women empower themselves to learn how to speak their truth in the face of power, how to effectively use communication skills to get what they want, and how to put themselves and their needs first.

Please call to find out when the next group will begin.

Eye of the Storm
Over four classes during a weekend, we will explore our body's innate power and resilience. We can begin to understand the power that can emerge from a union of body and mind. We can then bring both of these powerful modalities to bear when dealing with inevitable issues and conflict.

Relationship First Aid
This six week course focuses on a fascinating and complex force in all our lives: relationship. The class covers topics including Self-Esteem, Communication, Conflict Management, Forgiveness, and Intimacy. We teach proven skills and techniques that reveal and address things that can kill a relationship, enhance trust and connection, and foster deep and lasting change.